Autodesk 3D Studio Max:
Displacement Maps, 3d modelling from isometric diagrams, Weapons modelling, Character rigging, Basic animation, UV mapping, Rendering

Pixologic Zbrush 3.0:
Modelling from Zspheres, Sculpting from Primitaves, Extracting Layers and Sub-tools, Projection Master Texturing, Creating Materials from Metcap, Zbrush Illustration, Sculpting with Image Planes, Sculpting Tileable Geometry

Photoshop CS3:
Creating Custom Brushes, 2D Textures from own image source, Character sketching and design, Creating Alpha Maps, Web Design

Modding Experience:
Crysis - Basic map editor experience
Neverwinter nights - Basic map editor experience
Quake 3 - Character modelling and texturing
Battlefield - Weapons
Fallout (both games) - Concept art, weapon modelling, character modelling and texturing. See the latest sample work on Fallout2161 -


Art & Design

Standard Grade Credit
Craft & Design Standard Grade Credit
Graphic Communication Standard Grade Credit
Biology Standard Grade General
English Standard Grade General
History Standard Grade General
Mathematics Standard Grade General
German Standard Grade General
Art & Design Higher  
Craft &Design Higher  
2005/6 Computing HNC Central Colege of Commerce, Glasgow
2006/7 Study Portfolio Study and Build -
2007/8 Computer Animation HNC James Watt College, Greenock



Photography, travelling, cooking and gaming