Working as a freelance artist and template builder. Mainly working on a new product called Cre-art, building online branded templates for a variety of clients. This involved briefings from the client and building the required brand marketing templates compliant with each client brand guidelines. As part of a Marketing Resource Management system, the commsbuilder template module involves using text and image fields programmed so that end users can personalise branded marketing material.

My tasks included taking existing brand collateral and building it’s equivalent online through the mrm system tools. Working mainly remotely I had certain deadlines to meet, client requirements and had to ensure final template delivery met client expectations. Attention to detail and final output testing had to be completed and delivered.

Briefing meetings were held at every new project kick-off and de-briefings post project delivery where we could discuss ‘lessons learned’ as a team.

Required skills included analytical dissemination of existing brand collateral and identifying best ways to utilise the technology in order to deliver those requirements. Photoshop was the main external software utilised, creating layers of artwork which are then uploaded in to a mediarich driven engine online. Using layers, transparency, co-ordinates and text it is possible to replicate any brand collateral online and enabling end users to personalise content in text and imagery.


Freelance commissions and collaborative working

IT Company

I was commissioned to produce a ‘war room’ poster where existing client logos could be placed within the poster design to highlight to staff that any enquiries or problems relating to the client logo on the ‘war room’ poster took absolute priority in the Customer Care department.

The final concept and painting was well received.


I have worked on several collaborative mods, enabling me to learn and share with wide groups of individuals, including professional character artists, modellers, programmers and enthusiasts. Mods worked on include new levels for