Creativity is at the core of all gaming applications. As a dedicated artist and avid gamer, I have creativity in my blood and pen! I can spot a fake (or mimic) game within seconds of playing and my art is individual and free-thinking.

As a dedicated and self- motivated individual, I have my own developed style of drawing and painting but the client brief is king in my view and therefore can adapt my art to suit whatever style is necessary.

The following pages will illustrate my creativity as well as key skills and knowledge of industry standard software I have already gained. ´╗┐These skills are always on the move and as a self motivator I strive to keep ahead of the pack - the bit I like - learning new things from others and sharing my own knowledge. I welcome constructive criticism, I believe it spurs you to greater heights and the only genuine way to grow and develop through learning from others.

´╗┐Creating original game ideas is the only true medium where your ideas can come to life through the interactive experience of the end user. Either working on my own or as part of a team, my goal is to be the very best I can be.

Hope you enjoy looking at my work!